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Rail Freight Forwarder Services

A specific product that links China and Europe, railway freight is the best option when you need your goods delivered faster than with an ocean vessel but at a lower cost and with a lower environmental impact than airfreight.

Knowledgeable Team of Railway Freight Experts

APC’s staff has deep knowledge about every demand of rail transportation in order to make it an efficient and very safe way to transport your freight. APC offers reliable rail transport services catered to your needs from and to Asia and Europe. Nowadays it is possible to have almost daily departures from China to Europe, making the service both reliable and flexible.

Our FCL and LCL Shipping Services


The decision to use FCL or LCL depends on the size and volume of the shipment, and APC has both services available.


For larger shipments, we recommend using FCL so that it can fill an entire container, while LCL is suitable for smaller shipments that cannot. In addition, FCL is more cost-effective for larger shipments as it utilizes the entire container, avoiding the need to share space with other shipments. On the other hand, for smaller shipments, LCL is a better option as it allows for the cost of the container to be shared with other shipments, resulting in a more cost-effective service.

Advantages of Rail Freight Transport

Respecting the environment is one of our top priorities at APC, which is why we offer extensive rail freight solutions to efficiently transport your cargo without adding too much extra to your carbon footprint.

As most rail services depend on electricity, it proves to be a much more environmentally form of freight transport than the likes of airplanes, where trains emit less carbon dioxide and pollutants – meaning you can rest assured that your cargo can travel long distances in a more sustainable fashion. This solution is also relatively quick and allows for punctual delivery times. Railway transport is also an extremely safe and secure option for freight forwarding, which can be attributed to advancements in technology such as effective GPS tracking in trains, allowing for easier traceability.

Personalised Rail Freight Forwarder Solutions


As part of our high service quality, APC always provides the best customised solution to fit your budget and preferences. We believe in the power of personalisation, and thus offer attentive solutions that address your rail freight transportation needs in the best way possible. We are happy to answer any queries you may have concerning freight forwarding, intermodal transport, bulk handling, or other specialised services you may require – get in touch with us today.

Our APC Mission

Our team stands by two core philosophies: Care and Simplicity, which intertwines with our motto ‘Shipping Made Easy’. We understand the many complexities and challenges concerned with cargo logistics and freight transportation, and we strive to use our expertise to the best of our ability to help you solve these concerns. At the core of our business, APC is dedicated to taking care of all the technicalities and organisation associated with freight forwarder services, from rail to sea, leaving you to take care of the core of your business.

Why choose us?

By choosing us, you unlock a range of benefits and advantages that other logistic providers may not offer. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your rail freight forwarder:

  • Global Reach: APC can transport goods to almost anywhere in the world, allowing you to expand your business to new markets.

  • Time-Specific Services: we offer services that allow door-to-door delivery for goods with time-sensitive shipments, specific schedules, and tight deadlines.

  • Expert Team: We understand that each project has different needs. Our experienced team of rail logistic specialists can help you find solutions that ensure your goods are delivered safely and efficiently.

  • Track and Trace with FlowControl: Our advanced IT system allows you to track where your shipment is throughout transit.

Want to Explore More Services?

In addition to rail freight forwarding and logistics, APC also offers a variety of other services that will safely get your goods and cargo anywhere they need to be in the world. Take a look at our comprehensive service offerings below:

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of using railway freight transport?

Benefits of using rail freight transport include lower costs compared to air freight, faster transit times compared to ocean freight, and a lower carbon footprint. Rail freight also has a higher capacity for larger shipments and can often transport goods to more remote locations.


How often do rail freight services operate between China and Europe?

Rail freight services operate between China and Europe multiple times a week, with some routes offering daily departures. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about our rail logistic services.


Is rail freight a cost-effective option compared to air or ocean freight?

Rail freight services can be a cost-effective option compared to air or ocean freight, depending on the size and volume of the shipment and the specific route. It can be a more cost-effective option for larger shipments and may also have faster transit times compared to ocean freight, making it an attractive choice for certain shipments. However, for smaller shipments or certain routes, air freight may be a more cost-effective option.


What additional services does APC Logistics provide for railway freight, such as intermodal transport and bulk handling?

We understand that rail freight might not be the optimal choice in all instances, especially for orders crossing continents. APC offers additional intermodal freight forwarding services, such as ocean and air freight services depending on the location.

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