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Ocean Freight Forwarding

Whether you need global FCL or LCL shipping services, APC is dedicated to providing trustworthy, flexible, and cost-effective ocean freight forwarding solutions. With office locations in prime areas across the globe, including Sweden, China, and Germany, we are happy to accommodate all your sea freight forwarding needs.


Global FCL Service

APCs FCL (full container load) product offers our customers complete door-to-door services. We deliver competitive solutions with our core ocean-carrier partners, ensuring our customers global coverage. Through these partnerships we can also help you with special requirements to create value for your business.

When Should I Choose FCL?

If you have a large shipment to make, FCL will be the right choice for you, providing you with a cost-effective solution that gets your sea freight exactly where it needs to be, all in one piece. This freight forwarding solution is also ideal for private shipments, where you do not want your merchandise or goods to be shipped alongside other products that don’t belong to you.


LCL Shipping Service

APC also offers weekly LCL (less than container load) shipping services to many destinations worldwide. No matter what size, as long as it fits inside the container, we will be able to assist you. APC runs its own LCL service network every week from and to many destinations around the world. With scheduled direct departures where the shipment is taken care of by our experts who ensure that you get both a competitive and cost-effective solution, so that you can relax.

When Should I Choose LCL?

LCL shipping is the choice ocean freight forwarding method for smaller shipments that cannot fill an entire container. As for logistics, this will allow you to save on costs if you have a smaller amount to transport, allowing you to securely purchase a portion of a container.

Our APC Mission

Our team stands by two core philosophies: Care and Simplicity, which intertwines with our motto ‘Shipping Made Easy’. We understand the many complexities and challenges concerned with cargo logistics and freight transportation, and we strive to use our expertise to the best of our ability to help you solve these concerns. At the core of our business, APC is dedicated to taking care of all the technicalities and organisation involved with freight forwarding, from ocean to land, leaving you to take care of the core of your business.

Want to Explore More Services?

In addition to ocean freight forwarding and logistics, APC also offers a variety of other services that will safely get your goods and cargo anywhere they need to be in the world, from Sweden to China.


Take a look at our comprehensive service offerings below:

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