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Air Freight Forwarding

For time sensitive freight forwarding, APC offers flexible, reliable and cost-efficient air-cargo transportation, tailored to your needs around the world. When your goods require a secure uplift with a specific schedule, APC helps you plan and deliver your shipment according to your needs.


Our Air Shipment Services

When you choose APC as your air freight logistics solutions provider, you can enjoy the following:

  • Worldwide air shipment services (IATA)

  • Fixed capacities with core carriers

  • Time-specific services from door to door

  • Customs clearance, support, and consultancy

  • Track and trace

  • Dangerous goods handling, such as lithium batteries


​Experienced Team of Air Cargo Specialists

​APC's dedicated staff have many years of expertise in finding the most compatible flight solutions for your specific projects and requirements, all with a personal touch. Our solutions are customised to the best of our ability, so we can ensure you get the price and service quality you expect, acting as your trusted air cargo freight forwarder.


APC is also GDP "good distribution practice" certified, meaning you can rest assured that any pharmaceutical cargo that needs transporting is in safe hands. We have offices worldwide, including Sweden, China, Germany, and Singapore. View our complete list of office locations here.

Track and Trace Your Air Shipment

After placing a delivery order with APC, via our own advanced integrated IT system Flowcontrol, it is possible for you to have a direct overview of where your goods are located at any time during the transportation phase. We believe in transparency and accountability, meaning you should be aware of the delivery process and how it is going, allowing you true peace of mind. We want to simplify the entire shipping process for you, putting the control in your hands should any requests or changes need to be made.

Our APC Mission

Our team stands by two core philosophies: Care and Simplicity, which intertwines with our motto ‘Shipping Made Easy’. We understand the many complexities and challenges concerned with cargo logistics and freight transportation, and we strive to use our expertise to the best of our ability to help you solve these concerns. At the core of our business, APC is dedicated to taking care of all the technicalities and organization involved with freight forwarding, from air to land to sea, leaving you to take care of the core of your business.

Want to Explore More Services?


In addition to air freight forwarding and logistics, APC also offers a variety of other freight forwarder services that will safely get your goods and cargo anywhere they need to be in the world, from Sweden to China. Look at our comprehensive service offerings below:

Frequently Asked Questions


What is air freight forwarding?

Air freight forwarding is a process of transporting goods by air to different destinations around the world. It involves the coordination and management of the entire transportation process, including booking cargo space on flights, handling customs clearance, and arranging for the final delivery of the goods.

What are the benefits of air freight forwarding?

One of the main benefits of air freight forwarding is its speed. Air transportation is the fastest mode of shipping, allowing companies to get their products to their destination in a timely manner. This is especially important for time-sensitive or perishable goods.

Another benefit is the global reach of air freight forwarding. With air transportation, companies can easily ship goods to any part of the world. Whether you wish to ship from Sweden or China, air freight forwarding helps connect companies to a vast network of markets and customers.

Air freight forwarding also offers a high level of security for goods being transported. Cargo is handled in a controlled environment, reducing the risk of damage or loss during transit. Additionally, air cargo freight forwarders such as APC have advanced tracking systems that allow companies to monitor the status of their shipments in real time.

Do you offer other freight forwarding services besides air freight?


We understand that air freight might not be the optimal choice in all instances. As a global logistics company, we have an obligation to reduce our environmental footprint without compromising service quality whenever possible. APC offers other freight forwarding services, such as ocean and rail freight forwarding services depending on the location.

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