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Global Logistics Solutions: Cargo, Freight, and Projects

An era of progress - new opportunities

Breakthroughs in technology, consumer behavior and environmental awareness is rapidly changing our landscape.

  • Physical Internet

  • IT Standards & Analytics

  • Cloud & Blockchain

  • Robotics & Automation

  • Electrification

  • Autonomous vehicles

Expectations placed on logistics services are also increasing, and your demand from a partner will change. We, as APC, are here to meet the higher expectations. As a reliable and flexible logistics provider, we are ready to connect to you in any country in the world. Our ambition has never been to be the biggest, but our goal is that, through genuine care and simplicity, you will feel calm and safe every day at work.


Our Services


For time-sensitive freight around the world, APC offers flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient air-cargo transportation solutions, tailored to global needs. Your shipment will be delivered safely and swiftly via our trustworthy air transport options and air cargo specialists.


APCs FCL product offers our customers complete door-to-door services. We deliver competitive services with our core ocean-carrier partners, ensuring our customers’ global coverage. Through these partnerships, we can also help you with special requirements to create value for your business.


A specific global product that links China and Europe, rail freight is the best logistics option when you need your goods delivered faster than with an ocean vessel but at a lower cost and with a lower environmental impact than airfreight.


APC handles project cargo globally by all ways of transport on a daily basis. Our project teams would be happy to support your industrial projects, urgent consignments, or consignments to any specific countries or destinations.


As part of our comprehensive logistics services, APC stores, handles, and distributes your goods and cargo professionally based on your requirements. We ensure that we understand your industry needs fully, enabling you to concentrate on your own core business.


APC has been an e-commerce pioneer when it comes to logistics solutions and transportation services. Currently, we move thousands of consignments a day, helping our customers reach their customers on time and at a reasonable cost, which is the key to success in this competitive industry.


APC's in-house customs department has long experience and deep expertise when it comes to customs matters, especially customs clearance. We are here to support you with any questions regarding the export and import of your goods.


Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines, Airlines, NVOCCs, Trucking and Railway companies, and other transportation intermediates in Sweden and across the globe all have limited liability clauses in their terms and conditions if your cargo is lost or damaged in transit. Feel worry-free and at peace with our cargo insurance.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I track my shipment with APC Logistics?

A: To track your shipment with APC Logistics, you can use our "Track & Trace" feature here. Using Flowcontrol, our advanced IT system, we have the capability to monitor and trace your cargo on a global scale, providing you with complete visibility of your shipments.


Q: Do you provide customs clearance services for international shipments?

A: Yes, as a provider of global freight solutions, we provide customs clearance services for international shipments. Our in-house customs specialist team at APC Logistics is dedicated to supporting you with all your customs needs. We ensure that your trade is facilitated smoothly by taking care of customs document preparation, veterinary filings, and ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.


Q: How can I contact you for more information or inquiries?

A: You can find our contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses for different regions here. Reach out to us using the provided contact information to discuss your specific needs and get further assistance.

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